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Tate Modern London

Situated in a Bankside Power Station in Southwark, a 10-minute walk to London Bridge Station, the Tate Modern is a contemporary art gallery showcasing British and international artworks.

Located in a former Bankside Power Station, the Tate Modern is today one of the most visited sites in the United Kingdom, showcasing the national collection of British art from the 20th century to today, as well as international modern and contemporary art.

tate modernThe Tate opened its doors to the public for the first time in 1897, displaying a small British artwork collection, while today, the Tate own four major sites and a vast collection that extends from 16th century art to contemporary art. The Tate Group started in 1889 when an industrialist, Henry Tate, decided to give his collection of British art to the nation as a give. Since there was no space to display his art at the National Gallery, the creation of a new gallery dedicated to British art began. From the Tate’s collection and various other British collection ,the Tate Group now holds 70,000 artworks.

The Tate Modern was opened in 1994 and designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, and is dedicated to international modern and contemporary art. Tate Modern has seven floors, numbered from 0 to 6 and levels 0 to 4 contain gallery space. The main collection is displayed in four wings, each wing representing a specific theme.

After the exhibition, grab the elevator and go to the beautiful cafe with panoramic river views, enjoy!

Click here for more information on the Tate Modern’s temporary exhibitions.


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