WTG GLobal is a website that allows you to access exclusive inside information on the best hotels, restaurants, entertainment and events in the city of your choice.


Our aim is to give people the information and tips needed to experience a city not as a tourist, but as locals do.

How many times have you visited a city and left disappointed due to the notorious “tourist traps”? We all have. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing worse than hearing people having an unpleasant stay in my city.

WTG suggests different types of entertainment and activities such as the must see art exhibitions, the latest events, the delicious restaurants, the right clubs and bars as well as high-quality hotels to stay at in worldwide destinations.

It’s like selling a package with the perfect vacation already planned out for people, from the hotel, to the restaurant, to the art gallery, to the happy hour. Before we make others fall in love with your city, you must be in love with it.

WTG is are also meant to be used by locals who want to be updated with the coolest places in town, who want to try new places and turn to you for advice.

Our mission is to contribute to an outstanding global travelling experience.


Are you the person your friends and family constantly turn to when they have to decide which restaurant to try, which bar makes the best cocktails and which club they should party at?

If you are, then you may not know it yet, but your tips make the difference.

You are already your friends’ and family’s personal guide to guaranteed excellence, why not expand that circle and allow others to experience unforgettable trips as well?

Join our global team

If you are our insider then we should get in touch.


Join the worldwide ‘Where to go’ team today. It looks like you love your city. It looks like you know where to go. You knowwhat’s in and what’s not. Where the buzz is, where the true city life is. Share your insights in a great community and gain some profit out of it. Visitors will be thankful for your tips and guidance on their trips to your wonderful city. Share ideas and rely on the WTG service when you travel abroad yourself. Do you agree? Great. Then just fill out the form and we will get in touch with you shortly to let you know more about our work and benefits.

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What will I be doing?

You will need to write weekly posts on your city’s WTG page describing the best restaurants, clubs, bars, shopping areas, hotels, events etc. All your posts need to be updated, especially events and art exhibitions. Look at how a blog post is set up and written in one of the existing WTG destinations listed in the homepage.

You will be writing your posts at home on the computer and uploading them to your city’s WTG page. However, before you write a post regarding for example a club, a restaurant or a bar, you actually need to have had a first hand experience. Of course, if you are writing about art exhibitions you can search what the art exhibition is about and describe it.



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