Rome, Italy

"The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo." – Mark Twain

A giant testimonial of human organization and social evolution, from the outset of its foundation in 753 BC until its demise in 476 AD, Rome stood high as the epicentre of the Ancient world for more than 1000 years.

The heart of the Roman Republic and of the Roman Empire, the realm of Christianity, the “Eternal City” defined the benchmarks of civilization. And pursued relentlessly the milestones it was assigned for by its leaders and its governance system, far beyond the known horizon and too often faraway at unthinkable distance.

Your visit to Rome, either being the first time or a recurrent one, will always have an impact on your sentiments and emotion. Its outstanding beauty, its monumental gigantism, its cult of the aesthetics, its sensual atmosphere, its warm and hospitable inhabitants, its great weather by far outnumber the cons a city which was born 27 centuries ago may have.

You will walk through an open living museum with the largest historic district on earth. The Roman Empire’s legacy is everywhere and the more you indulge yourself around, the more you become part of it, with a raising awareness of the privilege you are living by visiting it.

The city remains unmatched in the firmament of the world cultural heritage, having played since its foundation an impressive role in the decorative and visual arts, literature, theatre, music, and architecture.

The Vatican City, a totally independent country in the heart of Italy’s capital, is the must to visit marvel, from the Saint Peter’s basilica to the Vatican museums.

Do not miss the views of the Capital city from above the Gianicolo Hill or Trinità dei Monti church on top of the Spanish steps. Rome’s roof is a show of beauty and a lesson of architecture altogether.

Spend as much time and as much money possible in the Tridente area, the centre of the shopping district with luxury shops packed with foreign visitors. Continue your promenade through Spanish square, then proceed towards Piazza Venezia and hold your breath while your eyes impact with the magnificent and monumental Vittoriano, built in remembrance of King Victor Emanuel II, the first King of reunified Italy.

You are at this point just at the beginning of the Roman Empire’s catwalk. Proceed in the full awareness of the 27 centuries of history of grandeur which surround you, until you reach the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

You will march towards the sanctuary of the most extraordinary empire ever, on the same road where 20 centuries ago the legendary Roman Legions where displaying their formidable military power, once back from the victorious battlefields they dominated at the four corners of the Ancient world.

Rome is also fun, gourmet, night life, “dolce vita” at its best, as encompassed by its worldwide famous movie industry, which made it the second largest movie cluster after L.A..

An experience filled with emotions, sensations, colours, joy, gourmet! Do not miss the enormous number of things to do by nestling through so many iconic venues such as the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trastevere, and so many more.

Your departure will leave a sign and for sure the desire to come back soon, for as much this phenomenal city will positively impact in your joy of living. Enjoy!

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