London, England

"Tis said London and New York take nonsense out of a man" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A leader at an unimaginable global scale built upon centuries of relentless, extraordinary human endeavour. This is London, the magnet for the ingenious and the brightest, the wealthiest and the adventurous, the old-fashioned and the creative, whatever their aim in life, wherever they come from.

Nowhere on Earth you will find such a melting pot of history and modernity, tradition and trendsetting, global and local, classic and futuristic. A world by itself, so close to the New World, so much anchored to the Old one.

Whether you have just landed at London Heathrow or any of the other 4 international airports, which altogether constitute the world’s largest airport system, or you have disembarked from a Eurostar train at Saint Pancras station after venturing under the Channel, you will soon find yourself in the heart of “the leading global city”.

Synonymous of arts, entertainment, fashion, finance, multimedia development and design, London is a true world cultural capital and a host to the world’s largest university concentration and of an unrivalled number of R&D centres.

A must to visit are the historic, iconic places such as Buckingham and Westminster palaces, the heart of the oldest democracy and of the longest constitutional monarchy in history, the London Tower, the London bridge.

But then indulge in a relaxing sigh from the London Eye on the River Thames or from the observation deck of the Shard, the tallest skyscraper in Europe, designed by the legendary Italian architect Renzo Piano.

The bustling Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street will pave your way to the luxurious shopping cluster of Bond street in Mayfair, after pausing in one of the many trendy restaurants the city offers. If you are an art lover looking for antiques, Camden Passage and other places may offer you a vast array of purchasing opportunities as nowhere else.

The British Museum, the V&A Museum and the National Gallery, are among the world’s most important institutions of their kind, though only a fraction of what London has to offer. Other historic benchmarks such as the Imperial War museum are accompanied by an astonishing set of contemporary arts and science museums of outstanding levels.

After an exhaustive day of venturing around, without missing Hyde park and alike, you will better rest before starting the “night shift” in the most exciting capital of gourmet and night life you may ever think of. The choice is unbeatable and incomparable to any other place on Earth. Your concierge will help in your choice, for sure you will get back to your hotel totally exhausted and fully satisfied.

No matter how well or how little you know London, it is no question that it will fill your heart and your spirit each and every time. You visit it. An adventure through history and modernity altogether. Always a new experience that will set a higher benchmark in your knowledge and awareness for the years to come. Enjoy!

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