Capri, Italy

“There was a magical timelessness to Capri, a special atmosphere, and a sense of history.” ― Kitty Pilgrim

Few destinations need so many words to describe it, yet when you try to describe them you find yourself with a loss of words. That’s when you truly realise that a place is magical.

From emperor Tiberius, to famous poets and writers, Capri has always drawn people from all around the world. And who can blame them? If you haven’t had a taste of this unspoilt island, you can’t fully understand what makes people come back to it over and over again.

The natural beauty of Capri makes it marvellous. The sloping mountains, the crystalline waters, the hidden sea caves – it’s simply romantic.

Capri is so far from our every day lives, yet so close to it: once you land at Marina Grande you feel like you’ve crossed an ocean, yet you’ve only crossed a few kilometers of the Gulf of Naples.

Capri is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Swimming in its crystalline waters, walking along its trails, going on boat tours to discover its hidden caverns, sipping coffee on the Piazzetta or tasting first-class seafood in one of its restaurants is what Capri is all about.

But it’s not only about the good life here, it’s about enjoying the simple joys mother Earth has given us. Not to mention that it’s also about breathing history, discovering hidden corners and gems and admiring breathtaking panoramas.

It’s like the island of Capri is surrounded by a big aura that allows all of its visitors to be cast under a spell, a spell where you leave your hectic lives behind to enjoy the true beauty of the world: the sea, the mountains, art and food. And yes, it also has a fun and cosmopolitan nightlife. It’s no wonder Capri has been nicknamed “the living room of the world”. Enjoy!


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