Celebrities & Food: the restaurants we’d send these 13 VIPs out for dinner

If Sofia Vergara asked you where she should go for dinner, what would you say? Based on these celebrities' favorite cuisines, this is our list of restaurant recommendations!

celebrities and foodSo we’ve heard the beautiful Cameron Diaz, who’s played in Sex Tape and The Other Woman, likes “anything with garlic, oil and lemon flavours”. So we thought that a trip to Amalfi, to either Eolo or the yummy Trattoria Da Gemma, would do the trick!

celebrities and foodHugh Jackman says it doesn’t get any better than wine and cheese. We recommend you sail to the French Riviera and head to the stunning Wine Palace Monte Carlo, where more than 2300 wines, spirits and champagnes await you (as well as some mind-blowing cheeses)!

celebrities and foodWhat about for the truffle lovers? For Katy Perry (who is more of a mushroom lover but also loves truffle sauce), Quentin Tarantino and Johnny Depp, the cozy Osteria delle Tre Panche in Florence is definitely where you want to go! The minute you get in, the smell of truffles will cast you under a spell! Or if you want to dive into the Umbrian countryside, Pallotta – a lovely family-run trattoria in Assisi – is definitely the place to go!

celebrities and foodFor Charlize Theron, who’s in love with pasta with sea urchins, there is nowhere better than the famous Chez Black restaurant in Positano! It’s simply the epitome of perfection!

celebrities and foodFor John Legend and his all-time favorite fried chicken, we have a bit of a twist for you! Head to Trattoria La Sostanza – a rustic trattoria in the center of Florence – to taste the outstanding butter chicken! It’s an explosion of tastes!

celebrities and foodFor our wonderful Emma Watson, who appears to love Mexican cuisine, we recommend Cosme – the delicious contemporary Mexican restaurant in New York City’s Flatiron district. Order the sliced raw hamachi and the duck carnitas for explosive tastes!

celebrities and foodFor Rihanna, who really has a thing for ice-cream, we recommend you take a trip around Italy! If you’re in Florence, La Carraia is a must-stop just as much as heading to Uffizi is! If you’re in Rome, Frigidarium is outstanding! And for any other city you want to visit, click here!

celebrities and foodFor Woody Allen and Al Pacino that are in love with the classic cacio e pepe pasta, there’s no doubt that you need to head to Da Felice a Testaccio in Rome. The waiter will mix the pasta right in front of you!

celebrities and foodFor the supermodel Giselle Bundchen who’s favorite meal is steak, we recommend you go to Berlin’s lovely Filetstuck, or head to one of Florence’s restaurants to try the real Florentine steak!

celebrities and foodAnd for Vanessa Hudgens, who’s in love with sushi and chocolate, fly east to Singapore’s Shinji by Kanesaka, and then fly to Paris’s La maison du Chocolat for dessert!


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